Project Overview

Solution for scanning a large volume of paper documents, recognizing part of the text, automatic indexing, archiving in electronic form, and later simply searching.

The solution consists of three simple steps:

  1. Canon DR G1100 Scanner Scanner, with scan speeds up to 200 ppm (more info at…/imageform…/specification.aspx)
  2. Iris – OCR Software – automatically recognizes the type of document being scanned, as well as the data contained therein, including the recognition of a Macedonian Cyrillic script. The required data is automatically exported to the requested format and location or directly submitted to the processing of the archiving software, as in the case so (—IRIS.aspx)
  3. Therefore – Documents as well as their index data are secure, with controlled access, maximum settings for viewing, printing, sharing, etc., as well as a record of any eventual change. The solution also offers the organization of the flow of documents within the company.

Of course, the main goal is achieved, all documents in a simple and extremely fast way can be found and used for further purposes. (

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